Up next: Rocky Mountain High

In my post after game 1, I said this about game 3:

I think the Rockies will get a boost in game 3, as Fogg, who beat the Red Sox earlier this year, will get a home-crowd boost, and the Red Sox will have to either play Youkilis in rightfield, or Lowell at shortstop if they want to have Ortiz, Youkilis and Lowell in the game at the same time.  In other words, either an important bat sits, or someone plays an unfamiliar position. 

With Lugo heating up, and having speed, and shortstop being such an important position, you can bet Lowell will either at 3rd base, or sitting.  In the last few postseason games, Lowell has struggled at the plate a bit compared to his teammates, so perhaps he’ll be the one to sit in game 3.

No sooner do I say that than Lowell scores one run and drives in the other in a 2-1 win.  I think most likely, Francona will give each one a day off.  First Lowell, then Youkilis, then Papi.  Think of it this way:  they’ll need pinch hitters, and each of those guys would make a great pinch hitter.

Preliminary Forecast:

So far, no change in my forecast.

The Rockies will recall their winning ways when back in their familiar park, in front of their fans.  They’ll win game 3 with a lot of energy, and probably by a fairly wide margin (4 to 6 runs).  Fenway will seem like a  fading dream to them (or perhaps a fading nightmare), which will allow them to put it behind them more easily.  It was just a strange dream.  "Reality" for them is Coors Field, and they’ve played their best baseball there. 

Jon Lester is a big variable in game 4, but will probably falter with there being so much pressure, and it having been a month since he started a game.  He’s good at pitching out of jams, but also gets himself into jams a lot.  The Rockies will probably outscore the Sox in a high-scoring game 4 for both teams. 

Beckett will shut things down and win game 5 on Monday. 



  1. Jonathan

    Looks like your comment was spot-on!

    I’m hoping that next year, the trend is reversed and Dice-K gets better against teams he’s already faced.

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