Game 2

I had talked about how Game 2 would be a pitcher’s duel, and in a way it was, but it’s not your typical pitcher’s duel when the starters go an average of 5 innings.

The bullpens were great on both sides.

Holliday had 4 of his team’s 5 hits.  MVP, indeed.  Impressive. 

The problem is, the image most people will leave with is him getting picked off first base in a key situation down by 1 in the 8th.  That’s too bad if people blame him.  Postgame interviews had Schilling praising the advanced scouting for noting this was exactly the kind of situation where the Rockies like to surprise an opponent with a stolen base in a key situation, and Papelbon saying he hardly ever tries pickoffs, and never on his own, but the dugout signalled to him to try a pickoff, so he just followed orders and did it.

Credit the scouts!


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