Some Good ‘Ol Home Cooking

Current Conditions:

Coming home to Fenway Park, after a solid win in Cleveland. 

The Red Sox have to be feeling good in this game.

Schilling has experience coming up big in a game 6 after having pitched poorly earlier.  He’ll find a way to get things done tonight. 

The Red Sox offense should get a boost with Ellsbury hitting 8th, and just from being back home in a familiar and friendly hitter’s park. 

Word on the street is that the Sox fans in and around Fenway are already showing a lot more "buzz" and energy than in the first 2 games.  Perhaps they were overconfident in the first 2 games, and now they realize they have to respect the Indians.  It’s do or die.  They’re really into this game, because there is real concern in their minds that the Sox might not win the series.  The chance of losing seems more real to them than it did in the first 2 games, so they’re bringing more support, and feeling more real playoff suspense.


The Red Sox win game 6, but it will be an exciting, suspense-filled game.

I’m not as confident about game 7.  They’ll probably lose that game.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  First things first.  Take care of game 6.

If they do get to a game 7, the good news is that all pitchers will be available except Schilling. Wakefield could come in to relieve for a few innings, as could Lester.   Beckett could even throw an inning or 2, given that it would be his normal day to "throw on the side". 




    Schilling has NOTHING to do with winning at home. He won’t be with the Red Sox next year. The truth is the Red Sox have been STEALING signs at home, for aLONG time! WAY before the Patriots have! CHEAT your way into the World Series! I hope you can live with the cheating later.

  2. Steve

    Wow, somebody seems bitter. And all along I thought it was the $160 million payroll that brought them into the playoffs.

  3. Jonathan

    I think it’s a $142 million payroll, actually, which is still way too high. I want to see Theo get it down to $100 million in the next 2 years, but I know that’s not likely to happen.

    As far as stealing signs, in baseball, it’s perfectly legal, and has been part of the game for decades. That’s why everyone disguises their signs and change their signs frequently during a season.

    Also, the Red Sox had the best road record of any American League team, and only the 4th best home record, which is not what you’d expect if they were cheating at home, so I don’t think your claims have any merit.

    If you want credibility, then back up your claims with some facts, or nobody will take you seriously.

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