As I Feared

Current Conditions:

Trot Nixon does it again.  He comes up with big hits in big games.  He might be injured every year and missing lots of regular season games, but when he’s able to play and a big game is on the line, he seems to come up big most of the time. 

That’s why I listed him as one of Cleveland’s big advantages, and as the one person who scares me in this series (see my post from before game 1).

This next game is incredibly difficult to predict.  There are too many variables.  It could be a blowout for either team, or another close game. 

No prediction for game 3! 

Just sit back and enjoy. 

Factors to watch:  will Daisuke come up big, or wilt under the pressure?  Will he be able to avoid the high pitch count that he had against the Angels, despite the fact that he’s playing a more patient offense?

Will the Red Sox offense do even better as they get past Cleveland’s 2 dominant starters, or will that somehow take their edge off?  Will being in Cleveland take the spark out of their offense? 

Will the 6am arrival in Cleveland carry-over? 


One comment


    As I feared. MLB has been exployted once again by the Boston Red Sox! For the last four years, I have beeen acusing the Red Sox of STEALING SIGNS! WAY before the Patriots got caught! Let’s face the facts, whether you like it OR NOT! The Red Sox have been STEALING SIGNS especially, at FENWAY PARK for a LONG time! We ALL have seen the CLEAR advantage this team has had at home. BIG PAPI, has more clutch hits at Fenway (Home) than anyone in MLB! Mannny Ramirez is a close second! Even the rookie players on Boston have clutch hits against the BEST pitchers in baseball! Theo Epstein is ALL ABOUT STATISTIC & NUMBERS! Why does Manny make random visits to the GREEN MONSTER? How does Ortiz ALWAYS come up with clutch hits? THEY CHEAT! It is completely clear! THIS TEAM GETS AN ADVANCE NOTICE WHAT’S COMING FROM THE GREEN MONSTER! MLB should invesatigate the Red Sox, & prohibit ANYONE from being in the Green Monster during games! GET WITH THE PROGRAM! INSTALL A STATE OF THE ARTS SCOREBOARD! Francona is a pimple on the BUTT of Joe Torre! MLB SHOULD ACT NOW & STRIP BOSTON OF ALL RECORDS & WINS! It’s a PITTY that this could contimue to be allowed!

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