Way off

Well, if I multiplied the scores by 3, I would have been about right!

Sometimes, I’m way off.  Baseball is impossible to predict every time.

At least I was off in a way that made me smile!

It wasn’t so much wind-blowing that raised the scores, it was the Red Sox patience at the plate, Sabathia’s control issues, and Papi and Manny going 10 for 10 in on base percentage.   Combined they were 4 for 4 with 5 walks and one hit batter.  No homers, but they did plenty of damage.  They’re both so locked in right now, it’s hard to imagine even Carmona slowing them down too much.

With Manny and Papi doing so well, this might not be as difficult of a series as I thought.  We’ll find out tonight if it was Sabathia falling apart or just Manny and Papi doing their thing, when we see how Carmona does.


Schilling will come up big again.  With all the rest, and his success in the ALDS, there’s no reason to believe he can’t do it again.

This game should be lower scoring than last night.   It’ll be cold!

Still, with the Sox offense so confident, and the Sox playing so well in all phases of the game, and the bullpen rested and ready, it’s hard to believe Cleveland will mount much of an offensive attack, and certainly not as much as the Sox will. 

Probably a 5-2 result, Red Sox.


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