Current Conditions:

The Red Sox won the pennant!  Of course, you know that by now.

Interesting story from Amalie Benjamin:  several Sox players, seeing the Yankees up 9-6 in the 9th inning with Mariano the Great pitching, left Fenway to head home, assuming they wouldn’t be celebrating anything.   Only half of them came back.  Those that left:  Ramirez, Youkilis, Varitek, Tavarez, Lugo, Drew, Gagne.

Those that made it back:  Youkilis, Varitek, Gagne.

What a party!   Papelbon is a real party animal.  He was doing riverdance on the infield.  He was wearing a Bud Light box on his head at one point.  He was wild. 

Cora threw himself into the crowd.  He also took over the sound booth at Fenway and played the Sox clubhouse music over the PA system.


Papi will take a day or two off.  His knees are hurting bad.  You wouldn’t know it by the 11-for-15 in the last 4 games! 


The Sox will have a letdown and lose tonight, after such a rousing party last night, and the ability to relax a bit.  Royce Clayton and Alex Cora will be the middle infielders.  It’ll be good to see Crisp in center.

The Sox will probably bounce back and win on Sunday afternoon.



  1. sameoldsue@aol.com

    manny keep your arms down
    talk about disrespect if I were coach I charge him with delay of game but then maybe he was auditioning for a post season job in a deodorant commercial many keep your arms down unless your surrendering early then just wave a white flag or two on your way back to the dugout

    go tribe Thursday be a good day to win

  2. cyclecreator57@aol.com

    Manny is the PERFECT example of how NOT to teach your kids how to act, or play the game of baseball! He is a CLASSLESS person! This guy tells the team what he wants. What a CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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