How About this Final Stretch!

Playoff Races

How about the National League races? 

I’m glad I’m not trying to predict those!  The Rockies are peaking at the right time (no pun was intended, but that’s not a bad one, eh? šŸ™‚

My twin brother Tom is a Red Sox fan who lives in Colorado and works about a mile from the Rockies’ stadium.  He’ll be going to their game tonight.  Smart move for any baseball fan, as it should be quite an electric atmosphere there, and a lot of fun to experience, just as it should be in Fenway Park tonight.  11 out of 32 teams have something to play for, right down to the last weekend, and maybe the last day, of the season.  How about that?

If you include games that could affect home field advantage in the playoffs, more than half the games in each League will have playoff implications this weekend:

5 of 8 games each day in the National League, and 4 of 7 games each day in the American League.   I’m sure the folks in MLB are very happy about that!




    Yes, I’m from Boston and a big Sox fan. I now live in the midwest and see Reds games reguarly. Stop bashing the American League NL fans! The Reds field a team looking like triple A, don’t take out Pitchers and overall don’t give a hoot about the fans. The fans need watch American League teams who give it their all; even KC to the end. Fire this Reds Manager

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