Square it up, and you’ll do fine

Current Conditions:

Magic Number: 13

Yankees are on a roll.  This will be an interesting weekend series in Fenway coming up.  It should be very exciting.

Boy, was I off on that prediction.  I didn’t expect both starters to do so poorly, especially in cool conditions after a day full of rain.  If you took my 4-3 prediction and square it, you’d get 16-9, which was the score after 8 innings.

Combined runs were 25, which is 5 squared.  The previous day’s score was 1-0, which is 1-0 squared!  We’re getting silly now.

All Red Sox starters except for Cash had 2 or more hits in the game.  That’s an excellent sign!  Papi homered again, and seems to be on a roll.  Another excellent sign.  JD Drew has been hitting better of late, and drawing a lot of walks.  His walk was the most impressive plate appearance last night, because it was 11 pitches, with 6 straight foul balls on a 3-2 count, and it loaded the bases with nobody out in a tie game in the 6th.  His first hit was on a check swing.  His 2nd hit was a bloop single off the end of his bat.  His last hit was a solo homer, but at a meaningless time.  They had a 6 run lead in the 7th at that point.

It would be good to see JD get some solid hits in key situations, but I’ll take his recent streak of high on base percentage. 

I just saw an interesting stat: 

This season, the Red Sox have given up 89 runs in the 6th, 61 in the 7th, 48 in the 8th, and 31 in the 9th.   That’s in a 146 games.  That bullpen gets tougher the later in the game it gets.  Keep in mind that half a run per inning equals 4.5 per game, which is low, so 73 would be a good total for 146 games.   48 and 31 are lights out great!


Tonight’s game has Lester, who’s improving steadily, and starting to get his pre-cancer minor league fastball speed back (mid-90’s) against a struggling Jackson.

With the Red Sox starting to feel the heat of the Yankees, and starting to get hot bats, and with today’s good weather, and the way they tend to give Lester run support, this should be an easy win for the Red Sox tonight, by a wide margin.


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